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Julie Treharne
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Call me on 07907 359 243

Some of the things my private clients and the schools I have worked with say about me.

"I was 20 when I started seeing Julie and I had no idea of what to expect. In our sessions over six months I experienced highs as well as some very painful lows but I now feel free and confident enough to move on. I am now making choices for myself that I could never have done before and she's always there if I need to chat something through."
T.M. (22-year old male)

"I told Julie I was really angry at being made to come to see her by my mum and she just smiled and said I didn’t have to see her unless I wanted to. ... She let me talk about the stuff I wanted to and after a few weeks I started to feel safe and she made be laugh."
J.O. (14-year old female)

"She offered a range of strategies in order to help her clients, making sure that the client was infinitely more important than the procedure."
Designated Person for Child Protection and Children in Care within a Buckinghamshire Secondary School

"Julie presents a friendly, comfortable manner which enables her clients to feel valued and listened to. She is dedicated to her clients, and is prepared to go that 'extra mile' in order to help them."
Assistant Headteacher within a Buckinghamshire Secondary School
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