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Julie Treharne
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Coronavirus COVID-19

My main priority is your positive mental health and safety and this is a period of rapid change as it has just been announced that people in Britain will only be allowed to leave their homes for "very limited purposes" which includes for any medical need.

I’d like to have more clarity on this from the Government or the Department of Health however at the moment we believe it is a judgement that needs to be made with each individual client whether counselling is deemed essential or non-essential contact.

Whilst the Brocklehurst Dental Practice is closed, I am still able to see clients on the on the premises in my consulting room as sessions are one to one and given we follow recommended guidance on hygiene and social distancing.

This would be my preference however it may be possible to conduct our session by telephone or video (Skype or WhatsApp) if you are not happy with travelling and meeting face to face.

I’ll keep you posted as and when we hear anything to help with any decision making.

My Experience

For over a decade I have been involved in talking therapies and have worked with clients in schools, youth counselling services and extensively in my private practice. I see people who are experiencing emotional difficulties or who are struggling with some area of their life.

I also work with families who are finding it difficult to maintain positive relationships with their parents, children and siblings.
I have experience in dealing with a range of issues including:

• anger management
• anxiety and depression
• bereavement
• bullying
• drugs and alcohol abuse
• eating disorders
• emotional, physical and sexual abuse
• low self-confidence or self-esteem
• self harm
• separation and divorce

My Approach

I feel privileged to be able to work in a profession I truly love and to be able to help so many people find their way. My own life and family experiences give me a real understanding of some of the issues faced by my clients so I am able to quickly connect and achieve progress.

The relationship with your therapist is at the very heart of the process and how well you connect will ultimately determine the success of your treatment.

I work in a strictly confidential setting offering you the time to explore your emotions, process your thoughts and to understand yourself from a different perspective.

I do not give advice or have all the answers. My aim is to give you the space and freedom to talk without judgement, to better understand yourself, to cope with challenges and to make positive choices in your life where necessary.

If you are unsure about our connection then I am happy to help you find someone else to refer you to providing you with the help that you need.

• emotional, physical and sexual abuse
• low self-confidence or self-esteem
• self harm
• separation and divorce

Talking Therapy

Depending on your individual situation I can draw on a wide range of approaches which can include:

Cognitive behavioural therapy
which is goal orientated and concentrates on the here and now. We look at how you can react differently to your thoughts and changing the way you behave can help you feel better.

Person centred counselling which is based on the belief that given the right conditions, all people have the potential to develop in a positive way. This approach works on the way you consciously perceive yourself rather than trying to interpret unconscious thoughts.

Supervision I have a diploma in supervision, and work with counsellors in training and fully qualified counsellors.

Interactive Therapy

Some of my clients initially have real problems being able to talk freely about their feelings. In these situations I can use a variety of interactive methods including drawing, painting, model making and sand play to help draw out their inner thoughts.

This can be particularly useful for young people as a traditional face to face therapy session can be a little daunting. Creative activities can help bring suppressed feelings to the surface so that I can then focus on healing the issues.

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